Cosco Dissertation

Business strategy and THAT strategy of COSCO

Because the director of COSCO once explained, " box shipping market is customarily low-margin, highly competitive and risky market. ” Actually, this is the case. At the start of COSCO, with simply a small navy, it is destined that the just way to survive is to expand as large as possible to avoid being attained by its peers. Now we have to declare that COSCO basically do a really good task when it comes to their way of developing. This is resulted from its state-owned business background, the external economic environment and the business approaches it used. The 1st two elements allows COSCO to gain more competitive advantages domestically by simply acquiring a lot of privileges just before China's joining WTO, just like financial support from the govt and entry to some industrial sectors which were not really accessible by the foreign capitals. All these support COSCO to grow quickly under the shelter of the authorities. But essentially, COSCO's achievement lies more in its organization strategy, especially after China's entering WTO. Without these privileges, COSCO had to be competitive based on its competency. Truly, we tried to find out the stages in line with the times aspect and finally we have the point of year 2002 when COSCO established COSCO LOGISTICS, which in turn indicated a crucial change in COSCO's business approach. At the interim, the top managing also gave out the eyesight stating that " COSCO hoped being known as a shipping-based logistics company by 2010”. COSCO managed to transfer their original picture of a shipping enterprise to a brand new one particular as a global logistics organization. This strategic-level change founded the basis to get COSCO's forseeable future engagement inside the global competition with key shipping corporations like Maersk-Sealand.

Actually, this can be a mega-trend for nearly all the main shipping businesses throughout the world. Centering on shipping organization only is going to absolutely result in the limited growth-rate of your enterprise, even though...