Converting Merlin Simulator Info Into Fdr Data Dissertation


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Aeronautical Systems Engineering303CDE – Person Project Simulator Visualisation| Author: Thomas Hynes

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Supervisor: Mike Basini

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This task is about taking data produced from the Excalibur II Marteau Flight Simulators provided within the Engineering and Computing building at Coventry University and converting that data to a format that can be replayed like a ‘flight data recorder' record in the popular PC structured flight ruse program, X-Plane. The primary target is reaching an automatic transformation process that may allow students to visualise their plane tickets conducted in the Merlin simulators on their PC/Laptop. The data was successfully modified by writing a short bit of coding which will, using several steps, reads the Marteau data and creates a apply for the X-plane video documenting. The coding was crafted in a programming language known as Python. The project was successful plus the data modified correctly. Upon first peek the air travel test, the results would seem unsuccessful; the main reason for this is the aircraft appearing below the floor. At you: 52 the aircraft after that climbs through the ground and shuts their landing gear. The aircraft can be viewed from you: 52 – 12: thirty-three, in this time it will be possible to see the flight info has effectively been modified. Anybody who also correctly scans this report will be able to utilize the conversion procedure provided for their own needs.

Table of Items


Launch 1 . '07

Introduction to Marteau 1 . seventeen

Introduction to X-plane 1 . 28

Types of Data 2 . '08

Merlin Data 2 . 18

X-plane Data 2 . 29

Comparison of Info 2 . 39

Possible Encoding Languages intended for Automated Transformation 3. 2009 C++ a few. 19

Python 3. 210

Tools some. 010


Notepad++ four. 210

Technique 5. 011

Python Code 5. 111

Cleaning the Input five. 212

Converting to Outcome 5. 313

OutputList Explained 5. 414

Flight Parameters Converted 5. 516

Performing a Ruse Conversion 6. 017

Get a Desired Air travel Simulation 6. 117

Prepare the File for Conversion six. 217

Run the Transformation 6. 318

Prepare the file for X-plane 6. 419

Aircraft Selection 6. 520

Opening the Simulation in X-plane six. 621

Air travel Test several. 024

Benefits 7. 124

Project Administration 8. 029

Critical Appraisal 9. 030

Conclusions 15. 031

Further Work 12. 131

Student Reflections twelve. 231



I would really prefer to express my personal very great appreciation to Mike Basini for being educational, understanding and re-assuring. Being a project administrator he over-excelled, keeping me up-to-date with new information and always helping me the right way. As a course leader I would really prefer to appreciate him internet marketing so understanding and helpful whilst I was going through a horrible time. I would like to acknowledge the help provided by Iulian Arcus, with no his experience in computing and assistance provided the fantastic results and success on this project would have never recently been achieved; thanks to Iulian. I extremely appreciate the assistance provided by Paul...

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