Essay on Comment and Response to Texting and Producing by Michaela Cullington

Comment and Respond to Texting and Writing simply by Michaela Cullington

After reading Texting and Writing, by simply Michaela Cullington, I do not agree with most of her views. Cullington states that text messaging does not affect a pupils writing. Textspeak, the abbreviation and shortening of terms like used when writing a text, does affect the way students writes mainly because they use the abbreviations, and their writings usually lack punctuation. When a writer uses excessive abbreviations on a regular basis they can acquire stuck in the writer's brain causing those to use them in all of their writings. Cullington made good parts of her very own opinion about texting and writing in her part, but I disagree with her and believe that texting and textspeak can slow down a pupils writing.

Texting may be thrilling time conserving with friends, but is looked straight down upon by many teachers. Institution papers really should have correct transliteration, punctuation, and grammar. Textspeak does not need correct spelling, many smart-phones will autocorrect the transliteration, or the copy writer abbreviates the words. Grammar is definitely not necessarily correct all the time since text messages happen to be shortened as far as possible, and capital letters are disregarded to save lots of time and retain messages short. Many sms do not have punctuation because authors use ecaille sentences pay no awareness of proper commas, semicolons, query marks and other punctuation marks. Text messages tend not to require precisely the same standards since academic papers do.

Michaela Cullinton used evidences from resources like USA Today, Jacquie Ream and Naomi Grande whom most agree that texting has a negative affect on this task. Jacquie Ream was a tutor and writer of T. I. S. S. -Keep it Brief and Simple. With this book your woman wrote, " We have a whole generation getting raised without communication skills. ” I agree with Ream, our technology does not use the same connection that we found in past centuries. People of all grow older know what a text message, email, or...