Essay about COML310 Exam prep

Four questions

twenty-five marks – 2 hours

What you should revise

Weeks 6 – 12 in addition to privity and assignment

Likewise no alternate dispute resolution.







Sale of Goods

Earlier exam concerns and tutorial questions

Modification Questions

Tinaja admirer of Rover automobiles

Sees Sally driving one (blue)

Offers to buy it

After discussion contract is manufactured.

Shortly after the girl discovers the vehicle actually is owned by Fred's daddy Fred possesses another red one, which is in quality but with higher mileage. Tinaja hates reddish cars and wishes to flee the contact

Fred says she experienced no explanation to suspect she believed he owned the green car.

Area of law: Mistake

Mistake has been manufactured by both of them.

Take a look at contractual faults act.

Take a look at section 6(a)

a few types of mistake.

Would be choice 3 – mutual oversight (no element of fraud)

Ought to then check out inducement.

6(1)(b) substantial unequal exchange in values – this would should be the result. Extraordinary to account etc . Looks there might not be that much difference in worth between the two. Could be difficult to set aside contract.

Colour can be unlikely to affect the worth.

Tina will most likely have to go forward with the red car.

Faults act will not give her a remedy.

Non-est-factum – might be able to get a solution? Look up simply by self.

Get sale of merchandise?

1 . An agreement to production and supply 2000 meat pies for the student cafeteria. - Yes installment payments on your A contract to paint a residence, including the way to obtain the necessary chemicals and elements. No, supply of services. three or more. A contract to deliver and suit tyres to factory constructed tractors. Yes, fitting is definitely incidental to the work. 5. A contract to repair a computer that is certainly malfunctioning. Zero, a service.

Product sales distinguished from any deals.

Viacom Global Netherlands W V sixth is v Scene 1

(Real case)

1 ) Jan 2008 Viacom permit Scene you with distinctive right to spread its DVDs in NZ (license had not been...