Chapter 6 Bones And Skeletal Project Part 1 9th Impotence 1 you Essay


Part 6-Bones and Skeletal Tissues

For this project, please read the chapter and answer the questions below. Please type your answers in red or green color.

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Bone System:

Describe all the following functions of the Bone System

i. support- To provide strength support for the entire body.

ii. protection- surrounds gentle tissue, fused bones from the skull guard the brain.

iii. physique movement- Skeletal muscles, which in turn attach to our bones by tendons, use bones as levers to move the body and its parts.

4. blood cell formation- many blood cellular formation arises in the red marrow cavities of certain bone tissues.

sixth is v. mineral storage- where minerals are placed and lipids. They are on sale since to the blood stream when needed. Bone fragments is a reservoir for calcium mineral and phosphate.

Long Cuboid Structure:

The ends of bone fragments that contact form joints with adjacent bone tissues are called the _epiphyses_.

The ends of such bones will be covered with __articular cartilages_ (hyaline cartilage).

The epiphyseal menu is the site of bone __growth____.

The shaft from the bone is known as the _diaphysis.

The diaphysis includes a hollowed out chamber named the _Medullary_ cavity that may be lined with

_endosteum____ and stuffed with __yellow marrow_____.

Bone Marrow – Two Types:

What is the function of reddish colored marrow? To produce red and white blood cells and platelets.

Where is it found? That found in smooth bones like the pelvis, sternum, cranium, steak and vertebrae.

What is the function of yellow marrow? To store excess fat

Where would it be found? It is found in spongy bone plus the shaft of long our bones. Is located in the medullary tooth cavity.

A hardcore layer of vascular conjoining tissue, named the __periosteum__, covers the bone which is continuous with ligaments and tendons....