Blood Brothers Theatre Analysis Drama Gcse Student Analysis Paper

Blood Siblings Evaluation

The other day we attended the Phoenix, az Theatre in Leister Sq to see Bloodstream Brothers. When we walked in the theatre, I noticed that the proscenium arch stage was slanted which place everything around the stage in perspective. There is no live orchestra, and everything the sound journeyed easily through the room when it was quite a tiny theatre. Prior to play, I used to be told the fact that story was based in Liverpool and I got high anticipations as it is among the longest-running musicals in the West End. Behind the gauze, I can see the background which was mainly grey and had houses and also other buildings upon it. It seemed as if the scene was set in the heart of Liverpool. Due to the artwork for the programs, it was obvious that production can be about the life span of two brothers, as well as the different ways through which they develop up. The clasping of hands symbolised a banned or unlikely friendship between different classes that there are at this time.

At the beginning of the perform we found some males dressed in black suits placing two systems into coffins, however the gauze curtain was still being not increased. This seemed like the past and present from the story, since this initial scene was your inevitable end. I personally did not think this ruined the story plot by demonstrating the end at the beginning, as I forgot this field, and did not realise how vital it had been to the creation. I think that gave the complete play an even more dramatic effect learning, you had known the outcome from the very beginning. I think this scene proves that you cannot escape your fate.

All the scenes were set in the same location; and the arranged design remained the same for the entire performance, even though the backdrop transformed however , the insides of houses, occasionally descended from the roof to show the insides of each home. 1 the right area of the stage we found some white-brown bricks and a home window, at the back of the stage was a wall which will had graffiti on it. The wall was very grubby and the bricks looked older. The graffiti had a lot of words drafted on it such as " Everton”, " Liverpool” and " Mickey”. On the left of the level were three front gates which looked like worn and tired. These kinds of bricks were also a grey-brown colour. And so the stage is set out to ensure that we look at the front end of the Johnston household, as well as the back of the Lyons household. The overall look of the creation is dominated by the use of colour. For example , if the children are youthful, they put on brighter colors, for Linda wears a bright reddish colored dress, and Mickey has on a tattered green jumper. When Bela is 18, she wears a purple-blue dress, ladies high heel sandals and a white debardeur. These straightforward clothes show that the lady cares about her appearance, plus the way the lady dresses demonstrates her disposition. When she is older, and it is depressed, mainly because Mickey is usually addicted to his depression pills, it is clear to the audience that she doesn't worry about her overall look as the girl with wearing ordinary jeans and a boring blue tee shirt. The lamps is also utilized to show feelings change which is a major theme of the production placing.

In the country the sunshine is richer, a " white” light, but in the town, the light takes on a dark " grey” tone. This kind of mirrors the conflict between city plus the country, abundant and the poor and Eddie and Mickey mouse. The clever use of lamps also helps to convey the story, with no need for additional props; the theatre scene is shown by simply projection lamps and most properly the penitentiary scene can be conveyed by a gobo of prison bars projected upon the floor. The presence of police and police vehicles is mentioned using green and reddish flashing lighting. Towards the end of the play the moods of the siblings is also displayed through light, when Eddie is on stage, the light is a red-pink colour, showing a positive, happy and good individual. Intended for Mickey however , the lighting is blue; sad and depressing coordinating his feeling. The character types were area lit when they were vocal singing or during a dramatic second,...