Essay about Tim Burton

Many cinematic methods can be used to send out a message or create a desired effect in films. Different directors work with different approaches. Tim Burton, for example , uses costumes, hues, and sound to portray cheerful and gloomy scenes in the struck films Steve and the Delicious chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, and Corpse Bride.

Harry Burton performed a wonderful job in Charlie and the Chocolate Stock using attires to show just how poor the Bucket Relatives was. The whole family wore aged, raggedy clothing. A great example of this is Mrs. Bucket. The girl wore gloves on her hands that acquired no fingertips in them. She also wore the same old clothing and kitchen apron every day. This kind of shows the Bucket Friends and family could not afford to buy fresh, warm clothing.

Another technique he utilized is color. Tim Burton used color in the movie Edward Scissorhands brilliantly in two ways. The first case in point is in the community. The houses in the neighborhood had been all different colors that were extremely bright and cheerful. There is bright green grass and a beautiful green sky. The camera then moves along with your eye is definitely drawn to a dark, terrifying house for the hill. The second example of Burton using color is inside of the house on the hill. As Peg is definitely walking at home, it is very dark and pulls suspense. When she gets upstairs there are a lot of shadows. These types of shadows create a scary effect that makes you believe something poor is going to happen next.

The final approach Tim Burton uses is sound. There are plenty of good examples from the effects of appear in the movies Edward Scissorhands and Steve and the Chocolates Factory. The first case in point comes from Edward Scissorhands the moment Peg is walking throughout the house. There are non-diagetic of slow, weird music that builds up for the event of her finding Edward in the corner. There are also diagetic sounds of creaky floorboards. In Steve and the Chocolate Factory, opportunities of the Bucket house are creaky and you may hear wind blowing through the...