Essay regarding Respect Lifestyle Diversity

With the development of long-range vehicles, it is increasingly more convenient intended for modern people to travel to different countries. Yet , the culture differences become an apparent problem between different countries. Some people keep the view that visitors should follow the regional customs and behaviors during travelling, and some insist on personal freedom of choice. People promoting following local culture may state that, it truly is some kind of respect to residents for travelers in another country to speak, use or behavior like all of them. And these kinds of similar manners contribute to the culture preservation of local regions. If not really, local culture will be significantly influenced simply by global site visitors and thus culture diversity will suffers. People in favor of personal choice maintain different landscapes. They may think, as a visitor, we go to different countries just to see the sight watch, to learn the culture or to have a vacation. We don't have to follow the same customs and behaviors, because we make contributions to the financial growth of neighborhood places. Via my point of view, it will be more appropriate for the host nation to everyone should be open culture difference. First, travellers from globe come from and they are raised in totally different environments. They have full distinctions in religion, traditions and daily behaviors. It is not necessarily possible for them to obey the neighborhood rules. For example , eastern people rarely kiss faces to get greeting the other person while traditional western people will. These big difference are unavoidable and should not go in a similar rule. Second, as a fundamental human being, every visitor has this individual to choose his life style so long as this choice will not do a couple of physical problems for the local people. To sum up, host country should be friendly and respect visitor's decision.