Communication Becomes Easy with WhastApp on PC

Texting became people’s favorite way of communicating, probably because it might appear easier than calling each other. This is the reason why many free messaging apps have been created, one of the most used being WhatsApp. However, because this can be used only by those who own a Smartphone, recently a way of using it on a computer was developed. Therefore, at this moment, people who don’t have a Smartphone or who believe that communicating through the phone is annoying especially when you work all day in front of a computer can communicate to their friends easier as WhatsApp for PC is now available.

How to Download Free WhatsApp for PC

In order to download WhastApp on PC,  you must firstly download  software that allows you to use your favorite mobile apps on a Windows PC. Without one of these Android emulators you are not able to install any of the mobile Apps, including WhastApp on PC. So, you should begin with choosing which software you want to use, BlueStacks, YouWave or Android SDK being available for free download.

whatsapp for pc

Once this step was completed, you must follow all the steps in order to complete the WhatsApp for PC free download. You ought to be aware of the fact that, in case you want to run the messaging service on both your mobile and your computer, you will be needing two phone numbers since WhatsApp is used based on a phone number and you probably don’t want to reverify each device while switching devices.

As you are probably informed, WhatsApp is a service that allows its users to send messages, pictures and even videos, free of charge, besides the annual tax of 0.99 $, after the first free year. Therefore, WhatsApp on Windows or Mac will offer you the same benefits. Once you downloaded the app you have the opportunity to exchange all kind of information with your friends.

The big difference that you find between the mobile service and WhatsApp for PC is that when it comes to add the contacts, the first one does it for you automatically, while, on PC, you have to do it manually. This would be all the info you need before starting to free Download WhatsApp for PC. All you need now is to begin the procedure and follow all the moves correctly in order not to fail.

Because Apple Has Exposed Its IOS 6.1.4 Upgrade

16There were rumors going around

We’ve observed the Samsung Universe S4 and today we’re awaiting the coming of three additional handsets. These really would be the Moto X, Yahoo Nexus 5 along with the IPhone 6. Lots of folks were waiting to know about if the devices may be released.

Both of the devices are Android and also another is iOS. The handset will be chosen by some people based on if they desire iOS or Android. Others are going to select according to which of the handsets may come into shops first. You really need to take into consideration that not one of the devices have come out however, even though there’s been a lot of conjecture and talk about them.

The Yahoo Nexus 5 must be popular with people who enjoy Android and a few people have stated that it might appear with Key-lime Pie. Yahoo may disclose that in the autumn. Nexus products are popular because they really have real Android. There were rumors going around stating that LG may be supporting the camera and that Nikon might produce the phone again.

It’s been stated the system might have 3GB or 3GB of MEMORY and it might feature a cam of 16MP. The chip could possibly become a 2.3GHz quad core or it might possess the 1.5GHz quad core. Keep in mind the LG Nexus 4 didn’t come out until Oct of this past year when it comes to the launch date.

The Moto X is believed to be coming with a quad-core Snapdragon chip and also the mobile might have a screen that’s full-hd and which might be 4.8 ins. The battery of the phone can be 4000mAh. Some folks have stated the mobile might be called the Yahoo X, but it’ll be outside within the summertime and it’ll be the Moto X.

Many people wondered if Apple would establish the brand new iPhone within the summertime, however, the Apple iPhone 5 wasn’t released before autumn therefore that is improbable. Experts have stated that Apple may establish an iPhone within the summertime, but remember that iOS seven isn’t being released before the drop for the people. It’s been stated that the iPhone might screen that features an even higher quality, big storage selections, come against the chip, a 12MP camera and help for NFC.

Right now there isn’t any evidence of the products, nevertheless it’s believed that people might realize the Android devices first. This implies that it’s going to function as Moto X and Yahoo Nexus 5 that may be the first-out, then the Apple iPhone 5S or 6.

Dev groups might split iOS 6, but they are really maintaining their intrusions under wraps! An Evasi0n man stated they would not show an iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak 5 is so difficult to break since it is such a modest upgrade, along with since the iPhone. Evasi0n reckons iOS Seven will be away quickly anyhow, so iPhone 5 owners only must hold on.

It truly is expected that iOS seven will soon be unveiled at WWDC next month, therefore we might well have experienced the final iOS 6 upgrade. Obviously this depends upon whether or not Apple is going to show new equipment, or whether there are several security problems that’ll need another small update.

Because Apple has exposed its iOS 6.1.4 upgrade, it is a great work the dev teams did not show their fingers throughout 6.1.3, otherwise Apple might have set the intrusions in 6.1.4.

When you have a 5, then upgrade to iOS 6.1.4. There isn’t any actual advantage for this upgrade, however, the revisions will not damage. If you desire to Jailbreak your telephone, wait till iOS seven, since it appears Evasi0n is awaiting it also! About the Writer

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Top Augmented Reality IPhone Applications

Having a release of a new variety of mobile phones, popularly called smart-phones, like Iphone, a system was instantly made for the launch of next-generation augmented reality (AR) programs. ARKANSAS within the specific context of smartphones is really a tier of digital information superimposed over real-world information. Augmented world applications give you extra info regarding the ‘reality’ that you catch via the aperture of the new iPhone. Including these applications can change your New iphone into a genuinely ‘smart phone’. 10 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications.Apple Most Searched Logo

The notion driving these applications would be to use the image processing and multi-tasking capabilities supplied within the iPhone, to improve its functionality as more than simply a cellphone. These intelligent iPhone applications give a little survey to us about what it may provide, although augmented reality technology continues to be in a nascent phase. Although some are free, a few of those are compensated. The majority are accessible at Apple’s iPhone shop site. WorkSnug

An enhanced reality iPhone program- ‘WorkSnug’, produced by Plantronics, is intended to lead individuals to places round town where they’re able to sit and function or spend time. It offers information as an electronic overlay over actual picture and offers information about Wi-Fi connection, electricity connection, noise levels and also details about the quality of espresso served in an area. All you are doing is just point your iPhone camera in an area also it acts all the info concerning the spot for a visual overlay. Nearby places are also pointed out by it for the place you’re. Presently it’s functional in just select cities all over the world including London, Nyc, Berlin, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Brighton, Leiden, Hague, Madrid and San Francisco Bay Area. Pocket Universe: Digital Sky Astronomy


You may turn your Apple iPhone right into a sky manual together with the pocket universe program. It supplies you with the newest info about sky things like planets, stars and meteor showers based on the exact time of the evening along with your place. It’s excellent software to possess for astronomy fanatics.

AugMeasure can be an enhanced reality iPhone program that approximately steps short miles for you, with an image overlay of centimeter or inch measure. You may create a tough estimation of measures around 30 centimeters. A practical program to get should you be shopping and must make some dimensions.

DishPointer is a software dedicated for you which can direct you towards finding the closest satellites within the heavens if you’re a satellite dish specialist. All you must do is level in the sky area before you and also the program may ‘augment truth’ for you as well as exhibit an image overlay of satellite areas and orbits.

Le Club guide is when you level your iPhone around getting these places a program that may point to the pubs for you and also supply details about them. Good program to get in your own iPhone in the event you’re inside the disposition for a beverage and need instructions!

Imagine a furniture piece utilizing enhanced reality-based image overlays over genuine dwelling view seen via the camera. Possible really (almost) observe a furniture piece will appear in your own living space by using this program. Wish you’re enticed enough to set up some of those 10 incredible augmented reality apps in your iPhone. All these could be downloaded using Apple iTunes. Decide to try them out merely for that fun of it!

Jailbreak the iOS Devices and Enjoy Great Cydia Apps

The iPhone became the most wanted phone in the world as the Apple Company made it exactly how people would want it. The only problem appears when the online Apple App Store does not offer the iOS owners all the apps that they seem to need. This is the reason why many people prefer giving up on what Apple has to offer in order to jailbreak their devices and get Cydia.

Many people wonder how to unleash their iOS devices from the Apple Store and How To get Cydia, being afraid at the beginning but the truth is that, although Apple seems to be against this process, it is not illegal. Therefore, everybody can perform the procedure and enjoy the amazing apps that the third party store offers.

Jailbreaking the device is an uncomplicated action and getting Cydia download is even simpler as you get access to the store as soon as the jailbreaking process is complete. Therefore, all an iOS user has to do is unlock the device, carefully, because although there is nothing difficult to be done, sometimes things can go wrong. Once this is completed, accessing free Cydia download and get all the amazing apps is all that’s left.

What is extremely important is that once the user decides to give up the Apple Store services, he cannot take advantages of all the updates he used to. However, the jailbroken iOS devices’ owners declared themselves happy with the decision they took, saying that the applications given by Cydia Store are more than enough.

Free iPhone apps to watch shows online

iPhone Apps Jailbreak FreeWhen you have an iPhone, a Wi-Fi connection and some time to kill, there are several possibilities you can choose from. First of all, you have the possibility to play a lot of new games. I am sure that this is a great way of entertainment for most of you. But when you are no game lover, what remains else to do? You can watch lots of great movies and TV series right on your iPhone. Some might argue the fact that iPhone is weak at playing movies because of its lack of flash player. This is not true. You have so many Cydia apps to choose that can easily change the way in which you watch your favorite movies. I said Cydia apps because this is the only way in which you will be able to do this free of charge.

As you know, Cydia download Store also offers a multitude of free apps and tweaks in order to make our life easier so go ahead and download Cydia installer on your iDevice. So, if you want to spend your free time watching movies, here is what you need to be able to stream your favorite movies and TV series. Hollywood Pocket is one of the few legal sites that offer full-length feature films for iPhone users at a higher quality. Despite the fact that it does offer such an impressive movie database, I am sure that you will have some good titles to choose from. The app uses the QuickTime service so you can pause or play the movie anytime you want.

B-Movies is a free and legal app that allows you to watch and stream great movies. It owns an impressive movie collection and you can choose from Animations, Comedies, Action movies and even TV series.

In the last part, I want to mention the Joost app. This simple app brings you closer with the best movie titles and TV series to watch whenever you want directly on your iPhone. In the same time, the app is free of charge. However, there are plenty of free Cydia apps to download in order to watch streamed movies and shows online without paying for them. If you want to download them, you need to jailbreak your iPhone, before using Cydia download free Store.